February 2008

In this Issue:

50th SUSK Congress in Montreal
SUSK Past Presidents 1953-2000
Adriana Luhovy
Club News
SUSK Commemorates 75th Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine


September 2009

In this Issue:

President’s Message, Marco Jacuta
The almighty Grod

Michael Ignatieff makes a feeble attempt to reconcile with the Toronto’s Ukrainian Canadian community,
Volodymyr Viguiliouk
A night at the Copacabana: Ukrainian Edition, Julia Drozdowsky
Luba Zaraska – A Little Bit About Our Grassroots Philanthropist, Krystina Roman
Local artist shows us what we’ve lost, Matthew Cherkas
Пригоди земі на Закерзонні, Андрій Водославський
Primary issue advanced on behalf  of SUSK was youth mobility regimes, Danylo Korbabicz